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Footed Planter – White + Rust Speckles 12cm W


Footed Planter. Ceramic planter with textured body and elevated, hand built foot.

Clay is a speckled sand colour and a beautiful base for this warm, rust speckled glaze.

A great contrast for greenery.

Measures 11.5m h x 12cm w with drainage hole, perfect for up to 12cm nursery plant.

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Footed Planter. Rusty folk art glaze dipped on a textured, sandy clay base to create a one of a kind planter with drainage hole and elevated foot.  This beautiful retro glaze is a mix of deep rust tones and tiny rust speckles against a winter off-white background where more thinly applied.  Combination of hand built base and wheel thrown body. Each piece is a one off planter.



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