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The deliciously aromatic Amber Soy Candle will instantly elevate any indoor space. For those wishing to bring an extra luxe factor to the home, office, shop, or any space needing a confidence boost. Great for personal use as well as making for the perfect housewarming gift, a safe but special bet.

These candles are vegan friendly, made from all natural fragrances and use no parabens. Leaving no harm to your body, or the environment.

Coming in at 500g these beautiful heifers have a burn time of a whopping 70+ hours. This candle isn’t just an overnight fling.

Select from our gorgeous range of scents outlined below.


About the product


Keep your Leather + Oudh Amber Soy Candle at it’s best:
  • To get the best burn from your candle, we strongly suggest trimming the wick before each burn. This will allow for a cleaner, brighter burn. This will also avoid those nasty smoke stains from marking the jar.
  • Allow the entire top layer of wax to melt after lighting. This will ensure a clean, even burn as time goes on. Stopping that annoying tunnelling from forming in your Amber Soy Candle.
  • Avoid burning for longer than 4 hours at a time. If burnt for longer, the wick will begin to collect carbon and can start to ‘mushroom’.

These soy candles are handmade here in Aus by the lovely Erin, from Elementry Co. A small business located in Ipswitch, QLD. During the pandemic, Erin saw the silver lining in her new surplus of downtime and took the opportunity to pursue her true passion – making beautiful candles! She created a list of amazing scents from scratch using only natural fragrances. Down to the natural wood in her wicks, Erin focusses on making her products entirely environmentally and vegan friendly.


Get to know the scents:

Leather + Oudh: Sheer opulence, Leather + Oudh has a warm and woody scent with deep, rich aromas from far across the globe. Oudh wood has its own unique spicy quality naturally, and when coupled with the right amount of leather, elemi and bergamot it produces a wonderfully mysterious, masculine aroma.

Coconut + Lime: A tantalising fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. Always a favourite in our household.

Lemongrass: Light, fresh citrus aroma, often said to stimulate the mind, balanced with additional citrus green notes and a hint of aniseed and lily of the valley.

Vintage Bean: For our coffee lovers. Aromatic dark, roasted coffee bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate, with notes of buttercream, malt and vanilla.



Please allow up to 1-3 working days for dispatch of your ‘Leather + Oudh’ Amber Soy Candle, delivery after this should occur shortly but can fluctuate depending on local conditions.

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Photo Of Erin, Creator of Elementary and supplier of our beautiful candles

Elementary Co.

Elementary Co takes the elements of nature and adds pure soul to give you 100% natural, vegan friendly products.

This is Erin, Erin was one of the first suppliers to get on board and has been supportive from the jump. She loved our direction and was eager to get involved. A one woman show from Brisbane who during the recent trying times, decided to to take a leap and commit a long standing dream of hers – candle making! 

Being one of her long term passions, to create organic, environmentally friendly aromatic candles and body products. One of the few upsides of ongoing lockdowns was that Erin was finally able to step away from her everyday life and pursue her small business full throttle. We’re very lucky she did because we are so happy to have her as a part of the Pulp Kaktus launch.

Erin was one of the first suppliers to get on board and has been supportive from the jump. She loved our direction and was eager to get involved.

We really love Erin’s keen interest in sustainability and producing environmentally friendly products. In the throw away society we find ourselves in, Elementary Co gets a big fat tick of approval from us with all their products and packaging being reusable or recyclable.

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