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Neo Bowl – Charcoal Ocean 27cm


Neo Bowl  – Charcoal Ocean.

Wheel thrown, large bowl.

Measures approximately 6cm h x  27cm w

Perfect for meal servings of pasta, salad or curry.

A minimalist charcoal matte black bowl with a dip of Ocean Blue glaze.  Made from a sandy speckled clay for earthiness and rustic feel


Please note that there are little sleights of hand in all ceramics aka the maker’s mark, which is all part of the perfect imperfect beauty of handmade.

Each piece is a unique creation and my style can be a little random so expect subtle differences.

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Neo Bowl – Charcoal + Ocean  (slightly satin finish)   Made from a sandy speckled clay for earthiness and rustic feel

Neo is our matte glaze with a range of earthy variations.  This one is charcoal with an ocean rim dip, a subtle glitch in the matrix to add a bit of edginess and individuality to this range.

A beautiful, multi purpose bowl to enhance the everyday celebration of food and to bring handmade, connected goodness to your table. Perfect large bowl for sharing salad, curries or pasta

A minimalist matte charcoal plate with ocean cover glaze to enhance the everyday celebration of food.

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