Trinket Vessel – Green Crystals


Trinket Vessel – Green Crystals

Uses: A small hand pinched ceramic goblet or chalice for curiosities: jewellery and small crystals, or functional use to contain olives, toothpicks or condiments of choice.

Neo Glaze – matte copper base with green crystal cover, twinkles in the sunlight

Measures approximately 10cm h x 7cm w



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Trinket Vessel – Green Crystals

A small hand pinched goblet shaped vessel, shaped like a chalice for rings, jewels and crystals, to adorn the space of your choice.

For the bathroom, the bedroom or the kitchen table.

Measures approximately 10cm h x 7cm w

Please note that there are little sleights of hand in all ceramics aka the maker’s mark, which is all part of the perfect imperfect beauty of handmade.

Each piece is a unique creation and my style can be a little random so expect subtle differences.

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